Essay on Autobiography

In most cases (unless you are claiming to be a journalist, copywriter or art director), the requirement to write an autobiography essay is often the whim of a human resources manager. However, while looking for a job, it is not necessary to choose, and sometimes engineers, methodologists and sales managers have to take up the pen. A copywriter or a journalist can easily cope with this task, because to weave words into sentences, and sentences to text is their profession. For everyone else, writing an essay becomes a long and painful procedure. You can always use our online essay writing for you.

Topics for an essay of applicants usually do not differ in variety and boil down to the following:
“Why I chose this profession.”
“Why am I more qualified than other candidates for this position.”
“What I want to achieve by working in this profession.”

Structure of the autobiography essay:

Option number 1. You write a regular autobiography in free form, at the end decorating it with a small composition.
Option number 2. You write an autobiography, placing elements of the essay throughout the text, tying this or that thesis to the main events of your life.
For unsophisticated readers in writing essays, we recommend the first option.

The text of the autobiography-essay itself should be constructed according to the following scheme:

  • 1.Your statement, the main idea.
  • 2.The argumentation of the main idea. Ideally, you should give three arguments, arranging them in order of greatest importance.
  • 3.Confirmation of the main idea.

The main mistakes in writing autobiographies

1.The discrepancy with the resume. This is the most common mistake. Seriously doing the job search, we, of course, “customize” your resume writing service for each potential employer, and sometimes forget about the autobiography. As a result, inconsistencies arise in work experience, studies, marital status … Such unpleasant nuances do not adorn the future candidate at all and force one to excuse themselves, instead of conducting a constructive professional dialogue at the interview.

2.The Lie. Neither a resume nor an autobiography can deceive the future employer.

3.Too many specifics. It is not necessary to include in the autobiography topics of essays and coursework, sports achievements during school or college studies, biographies of pets and a club of cutting and sewing. We include only what matters to your future work.

4. Care in the high matter. Even an autobiography-essay should not be turned into a philosophical treatise. Do not spread the thought of the tree, write exactly as much as you need to answer the question posed to you.

5.Confession. Do not turn the soul inside out and report too personal information about yourself. Autobiography is not a document where intimate confessions are appropriate.

Remember that your autobiography in a conversation with a future employer is your advertising material, your presentation. Turning to market terminology, you can compare the job seeker with a product that, like its competitors, is looking for its buyer. First in the course is a summary: your cover, bright packaging. If it came to an autobiography, it means the resume worked: your brand “hooked” the buyer. Now you need to briefly, capaciously, convincingly tell him about your advantages and conduct a competent presentation. We hope that now you can easily compile it because nobody will tell you about yourself better than yourself.

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