Essay on Food

The essay refers to tasks of high complexity.

1. To write or not to write?

First, answer yourself the following questions:
– Do you know how to write an essay?
– Do you often write essays in school?
– Do you always understand why you were lowered for the written essay?
– Do you write competently (orthography, punctuation, grammar)?
If most of the questions you answered in the affirmative, then half of the success is already in your pocket.

2. How to get at least a little points for an essay?

Using our custom essay service you can get the maximum. If you open the topic and keep within the proposed amount of work, there is already a chance to earn a few points. It’s easy to understand both the division of the essay into paragraphs and learn some speech cliches.

3. I want more.

Then we go into more detail on simple examples.
What you need to know about the introduction.
Here you need to put the problem and reflect different points of view on it.
There are two types of statement formulations.

1. One point of view is suggested and your opinion is sought.
2. Two different points of view on one problem are suggested and your opinion is requested.

In the first case, you just have to rephrase what has already been given (but necessarily in other words!), and in the second case, add a second point of view by yourself. And in either case, immediately decide on which of the points of view you will agree on. But to write in the introduction about it is not necessary! To do this, you will have the following main paragraphs.

1 main paragraph

You fully devote it to describing your attitude to the posed problem.
For example, what should be tasty and healthy food? So, a slightly ironic essay on food tells the reader about the benefits of healthy eating, when parents since childhood have taught the child to choose the right products from the variety offered by the outlets. However, as soon as the baby gets under grandmother’s care, all the rules are instantly forgotten, and delicious pies and pancakes themselves jump into the mouth of their beloved grandson.

Do not try to be too eloquent. After all, the volume of the essay is limited, but all the conditions must be fulfilled. Except for the opinion itself, you need to write more about why you think so. And the number of arguments is specified in the task. Do not forget to clearly list your explanations (for example, using the words “firstly,” “secondly,” “thirdly”). If you write your opinion with two or three sentences, and three arguments with two sentences each, it will already be enough for this paragraph.

2 main paragraph

Here you not only write about the opposite point of view on the problem but also explain why you do not agree with it. Do not forget which points of view we are talking about. You have already identified them in the introduction, so do not deviate from the topic.


Summarize all of the above, repeating your opinion in other words. You can reiterate here the relevance of the problem, the possible ways to solve it, and the importance of taking into account different points of view.

4. How to meet the time allotted for the essay?

If you are determined to write an essay on the exam, it’s better to leave a little more time on it than it is recommended (together with a personal letter it’s 80 minutes). Save, for example, on writing a letter, where everything can be done quickly according to the prepared and learned template in advance. Or on any other tasks that are given to you more easily than others. Do not learn too many synonymous phrases, otherwise, you will think later which ones are better to use, and therefore lose precious time. Write a few training essays using these words to bring the chosen template to automatic. Then in the exam, you can use all the main time for the real content of the work.

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