How to write an essay on Immigration

Essay is the simplest scientific work.

But, despite its small size and creative character, it should maintain a standard structure. Often the exams combine testing and open-ended questions, where a place for an answer is left. Such mini-essays are even shorter, more precise, the phrases should be even more capacious. And do not forget that every phenomenon that you describe has a cause and consequences. Only today we offer special discount for our online essay writers help – $10/page.


In the introduction, it is necessary to formulate the main thesis (the main idea of the essay). Then it will be grounded, and in the end, it will once again sound in the conclusions. At the beginning of the work, it is customary to give definitions to all the concepts contained in the wording of the topic, not necessarily strictly “according to the textbook,” but not “spreading through the tree”, briefly and clearly. It is important to understand that any concepts make sense within a certain theory (scientific concept). In other words, it is useful to give a slightly more general picture of the scene on which the action unfolds around the formulated thesis.

Main part

The main part contains arguments in defense of the above thesis. It is reasonable to confine yourself to several (three or four) most important arguments, putting aside the rest “in reserve.” These arguments should be clearly articulated. Give judgments that substantiate each of the arguments. It is desirable to express and substantiate one main idea in each semantic block. If you need (for example, in economics, sociology), use formulas, diagrams and other visual aids that clarify the essence of your idea. Be sure to explain all the notations, letters, formulas, their meaning. Show how to get your specific scheme or formula from general schemes or formulas. Try to bring short, vivid examples from the “real world”. Such examples should be prepared and collected in advance in a similar way as chess players prepare for the championship, learn their debuts and “read” the games played earlier. It is useful to quote short, bright quotations (also prepared in advance), with an exact indication of the author and source. Be precise and concise, cut off all unnecessary. Avoid long-tons. The habit of writing a lot can play a bad service – you can blame the inability to distinguish the main thing.


In the end, as in any scientific work, it is customary to draw a conclusion. Briefly list your main thoughts, draw conclusions. Try not to repeat what has been said, try to express them in other words, and check that you really substantiated these thoughts in the main part. You can try to write briefly about the practical significance of your findings. Put a period in time to avoid writing too much.

List of used literature

Take for the rule always to remember and indicate all the sources that you used, give exactly the names and initials of the authors and the names of books and articles, including journal and newspaper, from which you took individual thoughts, quotes and practical examples. Then you can easily make a short list in the exam essay.

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