Essay About Love

No person, at any time, could define the word “love”. It is not just a word, it is a feeling that we try to express through words somehow, but in which there is in fact much more than in the simple four letters.

Love can’t be the same. Everyone feels IT differently.

Therefore, it is impossible to put IT in one word – this feeling is always changed and everyone has their own meaning, and in reality, it will never be fit in four letters. Even in fairy tales, there is no equal love. Get custom essay writer help here.

Essay-on-loveMany people do not believe in love or believe that it only complicates life, prevents a person. And if such people never meet their love, they remain cold. They can be quite happy, but they will never harm another person by their own warmth. It happens, of course, that they are still convinced that love exists. And, when they realize their mistake, they understand how much they could lose.
For the first time, a person meets with love in childhood when he realizes that his parents love him and that he loves them. This children’s love is the purest in the world.

Completely different love is love in a more adult age. This love wakes up to some stranger, or, perhaps, a long-known person who suddenly becomes the most native and irreplaceable in the world. And you realize that you can’t live without it for a minute that you need it more than in the air.

The problem of love in the composition gives a large area for the development of one’s own thought.

Writing essays on the problem of love, one should consider this topic from all possible sides.

Also, the student must follow some general rules of writing the composition. There must necessarily be an introduction, a basic part, and a conclusion. When writing the introductory part, the student should bring the reader to the topic of the composition about love and also give some information about the person about whom the composition is written.

It is not necessary that an essay about love should be dedicated to certain persons.

The composition about love can be a general sketch for all living creatures of the Earth. If the message about love has a general sketch, then you should describe love in your own words. The problem of love in the composition must be consistent.

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Also, you need to answer the following questions for a full-fledged essay:

  • What do you think about love?
  • What is love?
  • Is there any love?
  • Did you love someone ever?
  • What is the difference between love and emotionality?

Describe it by your own criteria. Answering questions, as already mentioned above, the student talks about his own opinion about love.

The composition must be written without errors.

Therefore, after writing it is desirable to read the essay out loud, it will help to find your mistakes and correct them. Looking for methods of how to write an essay on love, it should be remembered that a composition about love requires complete devotion and dedication in relation to everything written.

If you write everything from a pure heart, the result will be amazing.
There is a list of the most popular themes of works about love, which includes the following topics: “Aspects of the love of Romeo and Juliet”, “Dominant love”, “Infinite love”, “How does literature affect love?”, “Dimensions of love.”

Also, there are such possible topics:

“Life has no meaning without love!”, “Mechanics of love”, “Kinds of love”, “What is love?”, “The role of love in mythology.” For the composition also similar topics can be used: “Love is all that we need”, “Reflections on love,” “Definition of love,” “Love is a magical feeling.”

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